Laura and Gaia hugging!

Hello Everypony!

My name is Laura Orchid, 19 year old mare from Ponyville, loves tech and photography, and runs a flower shop!

Introducing my friends!

Luna Starshine!

I'm Luna Starshine, 16 year old batpony, designed by Mimika and drawn by Estebanii Alcala. I primarily work as Laura's assistant, but also likes to prank her sometimes :P

Lunar Waves!

I'm Lunar Waves, fusion of Fluttershy and Luna, designed by ベルファ ガス状. I can look and control the dreams of ponies and animals to make sure they don't get bad nightmares!

Caroline Sunlight!

I'm Caroline Sunlight, a sunflower pony, designed by 犬飼 なぎさ. Everypony is attracted to me because I'm the most unique pony in town, but I love to make friends!

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